Dance with equipment moving forwards


We are pleased to announce our 2011 shows and would like to wish all involved from spectators, judges, tabulators, instructors, performers and all the staff at WGUK a fantastic season.

For those of you with no knowledge of Winter guard please visit our about us page to find out more.

Use the link at the bottom of the page to visit WINTER GUARD UK to find out more and maybe even get to a show to see this amazing sport in action.

We will being putting two guards out in competition this year.

One Junior class and one A class

We welcome young people to train with us from five to young adults. Currently, most of our members are from Woodingdean and East Brighton, but others come from central Brighton Our volunteer youth workers all have full C.R.B checks to enhanced standard & have been trained in Child Protection & First Aid. All have experience of working with youth groups and some have worked with disabled young people in the past. Reflexions Academy is a member of Sussex Youth Clubs and is fully insured through them. Our only paid staff are fully qualified dance teachers with C R.B checks to enhanced standard. We are primarily a Winterguard unit, which teaches dance with equipment such as flags. We also run drop in dance sessions and workshops during the summer months and school holidays We rely on funding to make this possible.

Reflexions Academy This is our new team training in East Brighton and supported by EB4U. Our show is very grown up for this novice bunch and they portray the love story well. All members are new to winterguard and Tanya is working with them in her first season as director. The junior guard train at Manor Road Gym in Whitehawk every Saturday 4-6pm and will be appearing at all local winterguard shows. If you are interested in seeing what we do come along to watch and find out more. In the summer months this group will be performing at fetes and carnivals across sussex.

Dance with equipment moving forwards Our show this year is entitled "Sometimes" and the track we have chosen is a live recording of Every Body Hurts by R E M We have combined our junior and senior guard into one group for competition and so the average age is younger for our A class than ever before. The girls are working hard and basic training has improved since we introduced a new basics night at the start of the summer. Throughout the summer we have been holding workshops on teenage safety awareness and this has been a contributing factor when talking about teenage issues and working on the show idea. Although a sad song has been chosen this version is very uplifting and is performend in a very posiyive manner.

Our show performances will kick off with our very own preview show on Saturday December 13th to which supporters and family, friends are very welcome.The show will be followed by a Christmas party with a bar and music and we will be drawing our Christmas numbers club too. Our "one more time show" and prize giving will be held at the end of April date t b c.

Benefits of dancing

Dance is not only performance art, we consider it to be life. At Reflexions Academy, we don't only do dance classes, we teach people how to live the act of dancing and make it an important and beautiful part of their lives. There are so many forms and types of dancing today, that is hard to keep in track. Most of them are in a tight relation with a form of music. The beat and rhythms it has and the sound of it makes different dance forms and styles appropriate and suitable to go along with it.

With an experience of more than 20 years, we realized that winterguard dancing is one of the best ways to introduce young people to dance and to feel the joy of it. We also keep in mind that we have to make all kinds of benefits possible by dancing, because not every child comes to just have fun. In order to do so, we also organize workshops, meetings and all kind of venues and dancing sessions to encourage young people and young adults to join our club. We are glad you came to our site and hope you will become a part of our journey.

The best part of dancing

Dancing can help you develop your body health and, at the same time, your mental health like no other activity. Doing coordinated moves and learning how to breath in order to make different move transitions possible, will improve the condition of your lungs and heart. So get off the internet and all that live sex chat and practice some dancing. You don't have to go to the gym and spend boring hours there, when you can improve your muscle strength and increase your endurance by doing something as fun as dancing is. That can also be done by using dance equipment as flags in winterguard dancing. It will be more fun and you will get to train your arm and also your whole body coordination.

Motor and aerobic fitness is very important, and dance can give you both. We at Reflexions Academy make sure to make possible for all our members to do as much as they can for their body while dancing. Some of the parents send their children to dancing classes in order to lose weight. And we can tell you that it's possible here, your child will have fun in first place, but also manage its body weight and get healthier.

Almost every part of your body gets to move while dancing. That is why it is very good to strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis. It will also help you be more flexible and concentrated. But the best is yet to come. Confidence is so important in today's world, and not only mental confidence is the one you have to work on, but also physical. Yes, your body talks for you much more than your words when you meet someone for the first time.

By practicing dance you will also get better social skills and improve your mental functioning. And all that you can get here at Reflexions Academy.